Virtual cosmetic finishes known as skins alter the look of in-game weapons without affecting gameplay. But for players, they are quite important since they let them express and personalize their own style. In the CS2 community, skins may also be used as a status symbol to demonstrate a player's taste and commitment.

In CS2, there are various elements that determine a skin's worth. One important factor is rarity; limited edition or discontinued skins tend to fetch greater prices. A skin's state, which can range from Factory New to Battle-Scarred, is another important factor in deciding how much it is worth. Furthermore, a skin's market price may increase due to its visual attractiveness and popularity among players. Thus, it’s important to get acquainted with the cheapest AK47 skins CS2.

Rat Rod

Rat Rod skins are ideal for anyone who prefers a more tough and industrial style. This skin gives your AK-47 a genuine, worn-in look with its aged metal design and gritty accents. The Rat Rod skin is decent for players who prefer their weapons to seem rugged and formidable on the battlefield. A new skin is being sold for at least $11.8, although a field-tested version costs as little as $3.79.


The game's Uncharted AK-47 skin and the intriguing Prism case were released in 2019. This new skin in the Steam Market is currently only $1.38 as of the most recent update. Additionally, you can get a field-tested version for as little as $0.37 if you're looking for one of the cheapest AK47 skins.

Phantom Disruptor

Your AK-47 will look dynamic and striking with this skin's stunning red and black design and distinctive patterns. The Phantom Disruptor is the best option if you enjoy using your weapon skin to make a statement. The cost of new editions of this skin is $13.98. You will have to pay $6.13 for a field-tested version if you're interested in one.


Your Hydroponic skin has a leafy pattern and a green and brown color scheme that give it an organic, new look. A field-tested skin will cost you approximately $1,270.

Baroque Purple

The Baroque Purple is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer a more vivid and colorful complexion. This skin gives your AK-47 a majestic and opulent appearance with its rich purple and gold pattern and detailed accents. Baroque Purple skins are a terrific way to make your weapon stand out from the crowd. The field-tested version is worth $5.64, while the factory-new skin starts at $19.

Elite Build

For many CS2 players, the Elite Build skin for the AK-47 is their favorite skin. This skin provides your weapon a tactical and modern appearance with its sleek black and blue design. The Elite Build skin is a fantastic option if you like a sleeker and more contemporary look. The field-tested version costs $1.43 only, while a brand-new skin costs at least $5.98. However this solution is the cheapest AK 47 skin CS 2.


One of the best options if you're searching for a more refined and beautiful skin tone is Slate. This skin gives your AK-47 a sophisticated look with its elegant black and silver design and detailed patterns. For players that want their weapon to look fashionable and cutting edge while taking out adversaries, the Slate skin is ideal. A field-tested version of this skin is valued at $2.78, and a fresh version must cost at least $12.2.

Point Disarray

This skin offers your AK-47 a chaotic, erratic appearance with its vivid, wild design, paint splatters, and graffiti-inspired elements. The field-tested version is currently $11.8, whereas the factory-new copy starts at $31.4.

Orbit Mk01

This skin's sleek lines, geometric patterns, and shining silver and blue color scheme give your AK-47 a futuristic look. For those who like a more contemporary and sci-fi feel, the Orbit Mk01 is a great option. A fresh duplicate of this paint work will set you back $25.42. One variant costs $12.6 and has undergone field testing.

Legion of Anubis

With its complex and ominous Egyptian-inspired pattern, hieroglyphic symbols, and golden accents, this skin lends your AK-47 an air of mystery and might. A great option if you want your weapon to have a mythical and magical feel is the Legion of Anubis skin. The cost of purchasing a fresh duplicate of this paint job will come to $32.6. The cost of the field-tested version is half that, at $11.

Ice Coaled

For those who prefer cool, icy tones, you absolutely must have the Ice Coaled skin on your AK-47. This skin gives your weapon a chilly, frostbitten look with its frosty blue and silver design and frosty accents. For gamers who prefer their weapons to have an icy, chilly feel, the Ice Coaled skin is ideal. The factory new version is priced starting at $31.4. If you would like a field-tested version, the cost is $9.93, which is nearly three times less.

Wild Lotus

The Wild Lotus skin for your AK-47 has a soft pink and white color scheme with lotus blossom motifs that give your weapon a calm and collected appearance. You might have to use third-party sources if your search on the Steam Marketplace is unsuccessful, however doing so carries some dangers. As of right now, a factory-new sample of the final available Wild Lotus skin on the illicit market is valued at $16,370, so it’s definitely not the cheapest AK47 skins CS2.