Arctic Boost - FAQ

General question

1. How does it work?

We offer two kinds of service. The first one is csgo boosting – You pay us for improving your rank and matchmaking rating in competetive games. You give us your username and password and we play on your account. Second service is Duo/Lobby with booster – You pay for playing with high skilled player in lobby. He helps you improve as a player. We have a lot of players which are Global Elite/2500ELO+ who guarantee the quality and speed required for your order.

2. Is it safe?

YES, our booster DON’T use cheats and all the matches are played with REAL PLAYERS. It means you CAN’T get banned by VAC/OVERWATCH after using our service. All the boosters works under contract, they are verified and trusted.

3. What if i am not satisfied with my booster?

Customer satisfaction is very important for us. If you are not satisfied, contact us using skype..

4. Can I purchase boost without Prime?

No, your account needs to be prime to get boosted. Non-prime matchmaking is full of cheaters and your order might take a while to complete. Contact us on skype if you still want to try non prime boost.

Payment process

1. How to pay for boosts & accounts?

There are a lot of different ways to pay for our service. We prefer Paypal but we also accept steam money (+40%). Contact us on skype so we can find a solution.

2. I have made my payment, what now?

After payment is complete please wait we are going to contact you through Skype or email. It usually takes between 15-30 minutes. Boost will start very soon

Boosting information

1. How long will you work on my account?

We can boost 1-4 ranks/12+ wins per day. Please contact us on Skype to have an estimation based on your order.

2. Can my friend see if i’m playing?

No, we set offline status on the steam profile while we play, so nobody can see that we are actually boosting. We can set online status if you ask us to. We can as well stream the matches.

3. How can i be sure you are not going to steal my inventory?

If you are worried about the security of your items/inventory, please be aware that the booster will log into your Steam account from a new location, and that will give You 7 days market cool down. That means the Steam trade / market is CLOSED for booster. After the boost is done we recommend to deauthorize all other computers in steam guard options.

4. Can i play on my account while i ordered a boost?

Playing ranked / competitive games during boosting service is prohibited and can end in cancellation of your order. Also if you purchased Duo/Lobby with booster you should play competetive matches only with boosters.

5. How do i track the progress or how do i know the job is done?

When we start a job you will get the player’s skype/email so you can contact him about the progress.

6. Will i get banned for using your service?

You can’t get ban for getting boosted, because we are 100% safe service and don’t use cheats or any other programs, also we don’t play with bots. All the matches played by our boosters are only with real players.

7. Do you offer lessons?

Yes, for more information please contact us on skype.